Frequently Asked Questions

What is Immunotec?


Immunotec is a direct selling company that provides high quality, scientifically-based nutrition and wellness products that enhance the quality of life and performance of people.

Who is the founder of Immunotec?

Immunotec was founded by medical researcher, Dr. Gustavo Bounous in 1996.

How do Immunotec products work?


Immunotec provides nutrition and wellness products through a network of empowered individuals.


How do I become an Immunotec distributor?


To join the Immunotec marketing network, you may register here:

What does Immunocal do?

Immunocal is a US-patented natural food protein that helps maintain a strong immune system through optimal concentrations of glutathione (GSH) by supplying the precursors required for intracellular glutathione synthesis.

How should Immunocal be stored?

Immunocal is suggested to be stored in a cool, dry place with temperatures of 70-90°F (21-32°C) to maximize shelf-life.

How do I take Immunocal?

Immunocal is a dehydrated powdered protein and must be appropriately rehydrated before use. It is best taken on an empty stomach or with a light meal.

What is Immunotec RMF?

Immunotec Redox Modulating Formula (RMF) is a supplement that helps lower acidity levels in the body and serves to support its natural pH balance; it includes creatine that helps maintain proper muscle function.

What is CMP?

CMPs or Cytokine Modulating Peptides are small, biologically active proteins that act as signals in the immune system that regulates inflammation. These are also whey protein subfractors, which have been shown in studies to have down-regulated certain cytokines.

Why is Immunocal Optimizer now called Immunocal Booster?


The name change from Optimizer to Booster was simply due to regulatory changes. Note that the name change was only effected in US and Canada and remains as Optimizer in Mexico. Note also that the formula remains the same.

How does the Booster work with Immunocal or Immunocal Platinum?

The Booster is the perfect complement for Immunocal, which provides the building blocks for the production of glutathione. Taking the Booster along with Immunocal optimizes the performance of the glutathione that your body produces.

Can I take the Optimizer with Immunocal?


Yes, the Optimizer was designed to specifically enhance the Immunocal or Immunocal Platinum.

Can the Optimzer be taken alone?

Yes, the Optimizer has its own health benefits as well.

How does Cogniva work?

Cogniva is a product exclusive to Immunotec. It is a nootropic brain health product that has ingredients, which all act differently at diffierent sites in the brain tissue. The two focus areas are the neurons and synapses.

Who should take Cogniva?

The Cogniva is recommended for students for improved focus and learning, for adults with busy lifestyles, and the older segments for memory support.

Is Immunotec good for aging?

Aging usually manifests when the body does not have enough supply of glutathione. Taking Immunocal will raise the body’s concentration of glutathione, which will also keep the immune system on full alert.

How long does it take Immunotec to ship?

If the item you ordered is in stock, expect it to be shipped within two business days from the receipt of order by Immunotec. For items that are out of stock, they will be placed on back-order and will be shipped as soon as the inventories arrive.

Does Immunotec deliver to my country?

Immunotec products are available in the following countries:

North America: Canada, United States

Latin America: Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru

Europe: United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain

How do I request an exchange?


If a customer is dissatisfied with an Immunotec product, he/she may return the unused portion to the independent consultant he/she purchased the item from. The customer has 30 days from the day of purchase to request for an exchange. Note that shipping and handling costs are excluded from the amount.

How do I request a refund?

Products returned in saleable condition within 30 days from the day of purchase will get a 90% refund less the shipping and handling costs.

What is Imunotec's return policy?

Immunotec has a 30-day money-back guarantee excluding shipping and handling costs.